Animal Advocacy: What’s Happening at the Capitol and How to Join the Fight  




Kevin O'Neill, Senior Legislative Director


Kevin O’Neill is the ASPCA’s Senior Legislative Director, Western Region. Kevin’s responsibilities include implementing a strategic legislative and regulatory agenda for California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. During his time at the ASPCA, Kevin has worked on important legislation banning horse tripping, prohibiting the sale of live animals at swap meets, improving wild horse management, increasing revenue for spay/neuter services, and regulating trapping.

Prior to his work for the ASPCA, Kevin spent 15 years in the California State Legislature where he held various policy roles including Chief of Staff to two different legislators. He played a key role in advising his Member to support many critical animal welfare issues like Proposition 2, the banning of shark finning and recent legislation to ban the use of hounds in hunting bears and bobcats. Kevin is a graduate from California State University, Sacramento where he earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in History. He lives in Sacramento with his wife Kristin and rescue dog Louis.