History of CALS

CALS is a unique event as being the first all-day student-generated animal law symposium in California. The symposium is focused on reaching academic, professional, and community groups interested in the area of animal law and welfare.

The idea of this event started in the summer of 2012 after Rachel Brockl, previous Golden Gate University School of Law (GGU) SALDF Vice President, was elected President for the new term. Rachel initiated the CALS event after attending the Animal Law Conference at Lewis & Clark two years in a row and befriended several students who managed the CA Water Law Symposium, which was student-run. She presented this inspired thought to the GGU SALDF Board and the group took action to connect with fellow SALDF Chapters at neighboring law schools to host the first Northern California SALDF Banquet.

In November 2012, the GGU SALDF chapter welcomed six different ABA-accredited law school SALDF Boards to the GGU campus: Hastings, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Stanford, Western, and Berkeley. After the reception and dinner, the group had a roundtable discussion regarding the organization and location of the Symposium. After much collaboration, the seven California law schools came to an agreement on a date and began work on selecting their featured speakers. Rachel was selected as the Symposium Director and Camilla Glover, GGU SALDF Co-Vice President, as Symposium Assistant Director.

Together these two worked strenuous hours and overcame many obstacles to ensure that the event was a success. Of course, the event would not be possible without the assistance and collaboration of the other California SALDF Chapters, the GGU SALDF Board, and our outstanding panelists! In continuance of this tradition, both GGU and Hastings College School of Law worked together again to host the 2nd California Animal Law Symposium in 2014.

GGU SALDF now holds its 3rd California Animal Law Symposium to address the pressing issues regarding animal welfare for marine life!