Animal Experimentation: Litigation, Activism, and Ethics


Christopher Berry, Staff Attorney

The Animal Legal Defense Fund

Christopher Berry develops ground-breaking civil litigation as a Staff Attorney for the Animal Legal Defense Fund where he specializes in using consumer law to contest animal industry greenwashing, administrative law to hold government bodies accountable when they fail to protect animals, and civil actions to ensure corporate compliance with animal protection standards. He has successfully resolved lawsuits against a factory farm for misrepresenting its treatment of hens, against the Food & Drug Administration for withholding valuable public information about egg production facilities, and against an industrial chicken and duck hatchery for unlawful business practices that violated the animal cruelty law.

Before working at the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Christopher received his J.D. from the University of Michigan, and a B.S. from the University of South Dakota where he wrote his honors thesis on the ethics of animal research. Christopher lives in Berkeley, California with his two dogs Penny and Lucy who also keep him company while he toils away at work on their behalf.